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Medical Yoga Symposium January 2014
Video interview of Camille Kittrell

Cancer & Therapeutic Yoga: Workshop Intensive.
Camille Kittrell, one of an elite cadre of presenters, speaks at the opening gala of the Medical Yoga Symposium in Washington, D.C. This historic event, hosted by the Smithsonian’s museums of Asian art and the George Washington University School of Medicine, marks a pivotal point in the integration of medicine and healing yoga. Here, Kittrell discusses her pioneering yoga methods and previews her workshop for this transformational forum…
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www.bostonmagazine.com October 2013
Spotlight on Camille Kittrell and Exclusive Yoga

Yoga For Breast Cancer Patients At Exclusive Yoga.
Camille Kittrell’s yoga studio specializes in the physical and mental rehabilitation of those affected by breast cancer. Camille Kittrell’s good friend Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer at her first mammogram. Even though the doctors assured her that she would not even have to lose her breast, Kittrell held her friend’s hand through surgery after surgery and watched as Jennifer endured months of pain and slowly lostrange of motion in her arms…
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Cover of Baystate Parent magazine from October 2009

BaystateParent October 2009
interviews Camille Kittrell & client-survivors

Finding Strength Beyond Breast Cancer.
When BaystateParent’s Think Pink cover model, Jacy Watson, of Concord, MA was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, the very last thing on her mind was yoga. “You get the phone call, and you’re sitting in your house, and the first thing you think is, ‘Oh my God’ and ‘What do I do?’”…
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Cover of Vogue magazine from October 2008

VOGUE Magazine October 2008
features Exclusive Yoga Studio

A Beautiful Life. Not long ago, breast cancer patients who underwent surgery were often warned to avoid exercise, which doctors feared would exacerbate, among other things, the painful arm swelling called lymphedema. Now a significant 2005 Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital report confirms that exercise increases survival rates and lowers the risk of recurrence… October 2008 | Read the Full Story

Cover of the MGH Hotline newsletter from January 2006

MGH Hotline January 2006
features Camille Kittrell

Parkinson Disease Patients Stretch Their Way to Wellness.
MGH Parkinson disease patients recently have made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle with their participation in a new outreach effort for patients with the illness – a tai chi and yoga class designed to provide support through exercise…
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