"Camille’s presentations are gilded with her glorious humor. She carefully led us from laughter to tears and back to laughter, charging us with the energy needed to go forward to help cancer survivors cope. Her recovery classes are magical, full of grace and beauty…. so therapeutic on many different levels. "

–Nancy Panvini, Occupational Therapist, RYT
Monte Sereno, California

"Camille is a master teacher! Her amazing training gave me the teaching skills and confidence to guide survivors safely through all phases of recovery. Her strength-and-stretch yoga flows for each type of breast reconstruction are ingenious."

–Kathy Koenig, M.S., RYT
Urbandale, Iowa

"I really appreciate the many diverse rehabilitative exercises, and Camille’s detailed expla-nations of why and how we should do them. She prepared us to tailor yoga to survivors’ individual needs, rather than to teach a ‘one-size-fits-all’ recovery class."

–Mercè Blasco Grandal, RYT
Barcelona, Spain

"The marvelous mind/body balance in Camille’s teacher training makes it so unique! Each day, she alternates medical presentations with her lovely recovery yoga classes. My mind was enlightened and my body continually refreshed."

–Krupa Satchymananda, Integral Yoga Trainee
Bangalore, India

"When I teach yoga, my focus is largely on breathing, meditation, positive thinking, mantras, and visualization. I use Camille’s Training Manual all the time. The sample classes are very helpful, and so is her DVD."

–Gail Colton, RYT
Lowell, MA


NOTE FROM CAMILLE KITTRELL: The above quotations are from actual participants who have attended my "Teacher Training: Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery and Beyond©". Be aware that testimonials from anonymous sources cannot be verified and have no credibility.