Recovery Yoga


“Yoga with Camille has made me more comfortable in my body than I’ve been for years. Each session is unique. And I always leave feeling rested and restored. I am honored to have Camille share her gifts each year as a presenter at BIDMC’s annual Celebration of Life event.”

–Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW
Chief of Oncology Social Work & Survivor

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"Camille is a gem among yoga instructors! She has extensive knowledge about breast cancer and can readily adapt yoga for survivors’ needs. Her guided relaxation is truly a gift and provides a powerful coping tool for the survivor."

–Nancy J. Roberge, PT, DPT, M.Ed.
Chestnut Hill Physical Therapy
Breast Cancer Advocate

"Camille has a warm demeanor and strong confidence. Her ability to educate patients and to allow them to perform at their own level is very impressive. I rave about her classes to my colleagues."

–Janet Calahan, PT, MS, NCS
Massachusetts General Hospital

"Before, and after, my DIEP breast reconstruction, the best thing I did for my body and my mind was to take yoga classes with Camille. I entered surgery strong and confident, and am now recovering beautifully. I only wish I’d known about her classes while I was in chemo treatment. What a gift she gives me!"

–Cindy H. , Belmont
Financial Consultant & Survivor


"Camille’s graceful arm stretches have reduced the tightness in my chest and back. In class, I feel feminine, like a ballerina. Her voice and music are hypnotic.”

–Marion Goldstein, Wayland
Interior Decorator & Survivor

“I love Camille’s guided relaxation. My body gets very calm, my racing thoughts stand still, and I feel totally at peace.”

–Leah Parker, Sudbury
Homemaker & Survivor

“Camille is a seasoned professional. She exudes a passion for her work, and her ever-evolving yoga flows are downright brilliant.”

–Susan Hook, Brighton
Registered Nurse, Beth Israel Caregroup

“As a mature woman, I find Camille’s movements exceptionally smooth, easy to follow, and non–injurious to my body. I go home feeling strong, stretched, and energized.”

–Joanne Tuck, Newton
Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology